Pet portraits 

So, pet portraits 
These pictures after a normal photo, which: you pick and send to me in private message.

You find my contact under the booking page. Use my e-mail, please.

-Used medium is watercolour with black markers

-the pictures on watercolour paper, which is thick like cards and (425 gsm) it's a very good quality

-usually 2 weeks to done, depends on the number of orders

-you can pick up in my studio for free, but just with an appoitment

-I can take on post via Royal Mail 1st Class for +£4

-pictures are £25 if one pet on it, if more we should discuss about

-the paited area is depends on the photo what you sent

-A4 or less

About framing holding, handle:

Watercolour (aquarelle) is very sensitive for moisture, even after drying as well. So if you touch, your hand have to be dry. If you put in a frame, the transparent area should be glass instead of plastic, because the markers can react with it (under years, but if you put in the right frame for 1st time should prevent the reaction later).





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