Custom Press on nails 

Hi Everyone!

I am very pleased to announce my new product I have been working on the past few weeks. The Press ON Family's unique nails will fit for your taste. They can be used for everyday or for special occasions too. I can create the nails of your dream!

To who do I recommend my press on nails?

  • To anyone who due to their job or workplace cannot wear nails on a daily basis, but would occasionally like to do so.⠀

  • To younger people who as a result of school rules are not allowed to have any product on their nails every day, but want to have cute nails for special events.⠀

  • To those who may have health issues that require to go to the hospital frequently or may have procedures where wearing any nail product is not permitted, but still want to wear nice nails when possible.⠀

  • To anyone who might have allergies to any artificial nail products but still want to have stunning nails.⠀

  • To those who prefer to have natural nails on a day-to-day basis but like to spice up their look every now and then.⠀

  • To people who have an event coming up such as a concert, a wedding, prom, birthday celebrations, parties, anniversaries, date nights, theatre plays etc. where they might prefer a little bit more different look than the ordinary.⠀

  • To busy people always running short on time who want to wear a bit more extra nails every once in a while.⠀

  • To ANYONE who want to have beautiful, unique, custom made press on nails with special nail art on it! ⠀

  • For nail techs who do not have the time to get their own nails done between many clients, those who may have difficulties to do them for themselves or want to wear nails decorated by other talented nail artist. ⠀

  • To those who want a bit extra look under this pandemic period and cheer up their mind.

As a nail tech I see a wide variation of nails in my salon. They come in different shapes, type, curve and length hence the Press On Family will not fit for everybody as I produce them all on a common base.



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