Balbcare® gloves and socks make the job easier & faster while providing a cleaner & safer alternative. Instead of using the traditional pedicure bowl Balbcare® eliminates the use of water, which reduces the risk of contamination by fungi or mycoses among other diseases.

Balbcare® contains an emollient that has been specially formulated to give skin and nails all the nourishment & goodness that they need to stay healthy. Removing all negative effects from day to day activity.

Balbcare® treatments contain natural ingredients:

  • Tea tea extract: From Australia, with healing and nourishing properties. Known since the time of the Aborigines and used in dermatology, particularly in the treatment of ringworm. This substance is very effective in onychomycosis caused by dermatophyte fungi as well as drozdzoidalne. It is used in the treatment of athlete's foot and excessive sweating hands and feet because it eliminates odor in cases of excessive sweating. Another advantage is that the tea tree that very easily penetrate the skin and has a bactericidal effect.

  • Calcium: Is extremely important for good appearance of our nails as it feeds and nourishes the nails, which prevents any kind of spots on the nail plate, strengthens the nail plate so that it prevents breakage and split ends.

  • Allantoine: having anti-inflammatory and hygroscopic (moisture associated), stimulates cell division and growth of new cells. In cosmetics, it is appreciated for its keratolytic action (exfoliative dermatitis). In addition, have the properties of accelerating the regeneration of the skin, soothing, anti-inflammatory effects. Also it smoothes rough skin, moisturizes and softens the skin, protects the skin from harmful external factors besides has a natural antioxidant (soothes tired hands and feet).

  • Keratin: which is a basic protein from which nails are made, so it will be more moist and flexible, keratin strengthen and harden the natural nails by increasing the healthy condition and appearance of our nails, hands and feet.

  • Hamamelis: extract shrub better known as witch hazel, a native of North America, used by the Indians to treat burns, bleeding, inflammation, and hemorrhoids. It has strong astringent properties and constricting blood vessels. Its properties owes a large amount of tannin contained in the plant, in particular elagotanin and hamamelitannin. Thanks to the flavonoids contained in it has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Polymer R236: a new formula developed by the laboratory in Panama that the combination of selected components allows the natural nail protection against the negative effects of nail polish at the same time increasing its grip.

  • Emollient: softens cuticles and callouses.

The key features of ​Balbcare®

A unique emulsion - is the result of many years of laboratory BalbPharm® and a very high content of natural nutrients only.

Hygene & Safety 

Disposable sterile product.

Booking options:

-callus removing pedicure (optional: nail varnish)

-callus removing pedicure with gel polish

-callus removing pedicure with gel polish renew



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