What is Modern manicure or "Longlife" gel polish?

This is quite a new technique when I making the gel base in apex not just painting over your natural nails. These nails are made from gel polish:

  • these are harder, but flexible a bit

  • made from gel polish, so soakable

  • can make a little extension (2-3 mm)

  • natural looking

  • available in every colour from my colorchart

  • nail art

  • "spoon nail" correction

  • long lasting (3-4 weeks)

  • odorless

  • shiny or matt

Let me show you some pictures:

​After care advice

  • Never use your nail extensions as tools, Treat them the way you would treat your natural nails.

  • Do not bite, pick at or file your extensions.

  • Wear gloves when you do washing up or using household detergents.

  • If lifting can be seen please text me as water and dirt can get under it and could cause infections.

  • If any adverse reactions occurs: rash, redness, inflammation of any kind around the nails please contact me immediately.

  • Do not try to remove them as this can damage your natural nails. Please contact me so I can remove them properly.

  • Tinted lotions, suntan creams and hair products can discolour your extensions so wash your hands thoroughly after use or use gloves to protect them.

  • Please use cuticle oil everyday to keep your nails looking good and nourish the natural nail underneath.

  • Do not miss your regular maintenance appointments to  ensure always show that your nails their best.



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